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How To Polish Concrete – Step by Step

Concrete is one of the toughest flooring materials out there. It’s easy to clean and can put up with the harshest conditions; we’re talking flood and fire-resistant.

Polished concrete is perfect for areas with high footfall traffic. You can’t scratch or dent a concrete floor. And with enough TLC, your concrete floor will serve you as a solid investment for years to come.

So, how do you ensure your polished concrete floor stands the test of time? It’s all in the name. When you polish concrete, it becomes stronger and more durable against damage. Plus, polished concrete looks far superior to a dull and dirty concrete surface.

How do I polish concrete flooring? Just like how you sand wood, polishing concrete is done by using abrasive discs to grind down the top surface layers to the degree of shine you are after. It’s much like sandpaper, but with a specialist machine supplying the elbow grease.

Polished concrete can be done through a wet or dry method, but we will be running you through the dry technique as we find it’s faster, more convenient for at home jobs and all-around easier.

Keep reading to find out how to polish your concrete using our dry method.

What you will need:

  • Broom or vacuum
  • Mop, bucket, water & cleaning solution
  • Concrete repair kit (to path cracks if you have any)
  • Concrete grinder
  • Coarse grit abrasive disk
  • Fine grit abrasive disk
  • Extra-fine grit abrasive disk
  • Concrete floor polish
  • Protective mask, gloves, eyewear and earplugs

Step 1: Preparation

Remove all dust and dirt from the concrete surface. This will look like sweeping, vacuuming and a thorough mop. Scrub away at any stubborn grime, remove sealers on the concrete and repair any concrete cracks.

Step 2: Course polish

Rent a concrete grinder from your local hardware store and pick up three abrasive discs from coarse to extra fine.

Start polishing your floor with the coarse grit abrasion disk to remove surface stains and any rough patches.

Move the concrete grinder in circular motions, starting from one corner of the room and working your way across the space.

Step 3 – Fine polish

Switching the abrasive disk from coarse to fine, repeat the step above with the same circular motions, methodically covering the entire concrete floor. You should start to notice the floors appear glossier and more polished.

Step 4: Extra-fine polish

This is your final step with the concrete grinder. Change the abrasion disc from fine to extra-fine and polish across the concrete surface, ensuring you cover all areas. It should be starting to look a lot more sparkly!

Leaving you with a sleek, blemish-free polished concrete floor. Do a thorough vacuum and mop to make sure no debris is left stuck to your newly polished flooring.

Step 5: Apply the seal

To protect your polished concrete floor, apply a thick coat of concrete floor polish to the entire surface.

Depending on the brand of concrete polish you’re using, you may need a second coat. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the most out of your product.

And hey presto, you have a polished concrete floor so shiny you can see your reflection staring back at you!

If you have an existing concrete surface that has never been polished, it can be polished up to look shiny and new again. If all this talk of concrete flooring has you wanting one of your own, get in contact with us for a quote. You can calculate how much concrete you will need for your flooring area here, and we deliver supplies as small as 0.2m³. No job is too small for us!

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