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How much concrete do I need?

Great question. Before engaging with a concrete supplier, it’s going to be helpful to know how much ready-mix concrete you need.  

Whether you are undertaking a large scale commercial build, or doing some small home renovations, at Midland Mini Crete we have you covered as your trusted concrete supplier in Perth. No job is too small for us!  

To know exactly how much ready-mix concrete you need, we have a Concrete Calculator to ensure you will get the right amount every time. As long as you have the dimensions of your required concrete area, you can figure out how much concrete you need.  

Get out the tape measure. 

First things first, to know how much concrete you are going to need, you must have an idea of the dimensions of the space you are working with.  

If you are laying a concrete slab, measure the length, width and depth of the area you need filling in metres.  

How much concrete do you need for a slab?  

Length x width x height = how many m³ you need  

This calculation can also be used for square footings and walls.  

When it comes to holes, columns or round footings, you will need to calculate the diameter and depth of height required. However, calculating how much concrete is needed for a tube or curb can get a bit tricky, especially if math isn’t your forte.  

That is why we have our Ready-Mix Concrete Calculator to help you know precisely how much concrete you need for your pour. We even have a calculation for stairs so that you can stress less about the math and we can get you your concrete sooner.  

Through figuring out how much cement you need altogether, our team will know how many bags of ready-mix cement your project requires. We recommend purchasing a slightly higher amount of concrete than estimated to ensure you can get the job done even with a few mishaps.  

Our Pre-Mix Concrete Calculator ensures no matter what you are creating; we can decipher how much concrete you need.  

Once you have calculated how much concrete you need, contact us for a quote. We can get you your ready-mix concrete in Perth no matter how hard to reach the space is.  

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