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We deliver ready mix concrete to an assortment of clients  in Perth

At Midland Mini Crete we specialise in supplying smaller quantities of ready-made concrete to clients in and around Perth. To ensure an efficient supply and delivery, we own a fleet of mini concrete trucks which can access the smallest and most difficult to access places. No matter how little you require, or how small the drop-off area is, we have a workable and affordable solution for your concrete requirements. Contact us for a quote on your next project.

Small to medium sized concrete loads

Whether you are laying a concert slab, building an extension to your home or fixing your driveway, we have a concrete truck which can deliver pre-mixed concrete for those small to medium size jobs. We can supply loads as small as 0.2m³ (which is about three wheelbarrow loads) and up to 2.5m³.

Whether you work in the construction industry, or are a homeowner fond of DIY projects, when you need small concrete loads, ready mixed and delivered direct to your site, contact our friendly team at Midland Mini Crete.

Large sized concrete loads

We can supply loads up to 6m³ in our larger fleet of concrete trucks.

Calculate the volume

If you want to calculate how much concrete you need , refer to our concrete calculator which will help you determine the volume of concrete that you will require.

With our many years’ experience in the industry, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and a fleet of efficient and reliable trucks we are able to satisfy all your small volume concrete requirements. Our drivers are experienced and responsible and our trucks are tough and reliable. We have built up a successful business by providing cost effective products, and efficient and professional services.

Contact us and order today, and we will dispatch one of our concrete delivery trucks as soon as we can.

Mini Trucks

  • HINO – 1m³ Capacity.
    • Height: 2.3m
    • Width: 2.3m
    • Length: 4-5m
    • Chute Size: 1.5m
Midland Mini Crete Medium Mix

Medium Trucks

  • HINO – 2.5m³ Capacity.
    • Height: 2.8m
    • Width: 2.5m
    • Length: 5-6m
    • Chute Size: 2-2.5m
Midland Mini Crete Large Mix

Large Trucks

  • HINO – 6m³ Capacity.
    • Height: 3.2m
    • Width: 2.5m
    • Length: 6-7m
    • Chute Size: 4m

Small Trucks

  • HINO – 3m3 Capacity.
    • Height: 2.8m
    • Width: 2.8m
    • Length: 6.7m
  • HINO – 2.3m3 Capacity.
    • Height: 2.8m
    • Width: 2.5m
    • Length: 2.4m

Large Trucks

  • HINO – 5m3 Capacity.
    • Height: 3.4m
    • Width: 2.5m
    • Length: 6.7m

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