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How long does ready mix concrete take to set

We have been Perth’s leading Concrete suppliers since 1991. We believe in affordable, fast and accurate concrete delivery and supplies to anyone in Perth, WA. Our ready-mix concrete and cement delivery services are premium, and our employees have experience dealing with any curveball that the job might throw at you.

Our concrete deliveries in Perth are some of the best! Recently they have noticed a lot of customers asking ‘how long does ready mix Concrete take to set?’. Firstly, It’s essential to understand what Concrete is and how to apply it, so you fully understand it’s setting time.

What is Concrete?

Concrete and cement are not the same. Cement is just one part of premix ready-mix Concrete. Ready-mix concrete is made up of these three components: aggregate rick, water and portland cement. When our customers buy cement, they usually buy it in powder form, so it then becomes a binding agent when mixed with other components like rock, sand or gravel. This cement and ready-mix concrete in Australia is then used to pour over a surface which then hardens. 

How long does ready-mix Concrete take to set?

The short answer is that ready-mix Concrete takes 28 days to set completely. This is the typical time for any premium or industry-standard ready-mix Concrete. However, after 7 days of sitting the premix ready-mix Concrete will have dried up to 70%. If you are putting Concrete in a home area like in your garden, it will usually set after 24-48 hours. But always be cautious when putting any substantial weight on freshly laid Concrete.  If you want to discuss more about how long it takes ready-mix Concrete to set or if you wish to order ready mix concrete then call us on (08) 9250 2322.

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