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How to Repair Concrete Cracks

We love concrete, and we aren’t alone. It is the moved utilised building material in the world. Due to its incredible strength and durability, you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting on concrete.

However, concrete can eventually crack.

Why does concrete crack?

Even when expertly poured, concrete can develop cracks over a long period due to changes in temperature, moisture levels and settling.

When concrete is poured into place, it typically contains more water than is required for the hydration of the slab. As the concrete hardens, it relies on this excess water as it starts to lose hydration and shrinkage begins.

If the concrete is unrestrained, no cracks will develop. But it is virtually impossible to support a structure of any appreciable size without some restraint. How concrete cracks depends on a number of variables, like the rate and amount of drying, tensile strength, tensile strain, degree of restraint and elasticity.

Whilst cracks in concrete are normal and don’t compromise structural integrity, they aren’t pleasing to the eye. Wide concrete cracks typically develop that inverted “V” shape. The method to fixing these cracks is called to “key” in the crack, which forms a mechanical bond. We’ve compiled a list of our go-to concrete crack repair methods to get your slab looking good as new.

What you’ll need: concrete patch mix, trowel, hammer, wire brush, dustpan and broom, hose and rag.

How to repair concrete cracks:

  • With a hammer, chisel the crack at the base to widen it
  • Dislodge any loose material from the old concrete
  • With a wire brush, remove any concrete debris
  • Dust away any more debris with a broom or garden hose (or a high-pressure hose if you have one!)
  • Dry up the remaining water with a rag and move all dust and grit
  • Once the area is dry, prepare the concrete patching mix following it’s instructions
  • Using a trowel, put the mix into the crack
  • Poke the trowel into the mix to remove air bubbles and move it deeper
  • Top up the crack and smooth it back
  • Let the mix dry

There you have it! Your guide on How To Repair Concrete Cracks. for more tips and advice on caring for your concrete, check out our blog! Or you can get in touch for concrete delivery in Perth.

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