Ready-mix concrete

Small ready-mix concrete deliveries in Perth, WA.

Modern day buildings contain a quantity of concrete, making it one of the most popular construction materials used globally, one that is used extensively in the construction industry. Whether it’s a new driveway, a hospital or school, or a tunnel or bridge, there will always be a significant amount of concrete present. As suppliers of ready-mix concrete for small and medium-sized projects in Perth, we realise the importance of supplying the right quality concrete, and ensuring it arrives on time at your site. Contact us for a reliable supply of pre-mix concrete.

Saving you time & money

Midland Mini Crete will save you money, time, labour, storage space, mess and any doubts you might have about the strength of the supplied concrete. With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, we realise the importance of supplying high quality products and backing it up with exceptional service.

When you order from us, you will receive concrete that is of a consistent quality and correctly mixed. You can buy ordinary pre-mixed concrete from other manufacturers, but at Midland Mini Crete we will specially formulate your concrete based on your particular requirements.

Small & medium sized loads

We can supply loads as small as 0.2m³, which is about three wheelbarrow loads. All it takes is some preparation, simple arithmetic, and a phone call to obtain any information you may require and to arrange delivery of the concrete. You can even order small quantities of concrete at intervals to suit your own home improvement schedule.

Calculator and concrete prices

We have a special concrete calculator to help you estimate your concrete requirements with a fair degree of accuracy.

Agile concrete delivery trucks

Being prepared and knowing what you need and what it will cost, will help you estimate the costs of your entire project, ensuring you receive exactly what you need. We own a fleet of smaller, agile trucks which can access the tightest spaces, allowing an easy drop-off of your concrete supply or concrete delivery.

We are a family owned business who place a strong focus on customer service. We operate in a niche market, and have accumulated vast expertise and experience in the field. This means we know how to ensure that our customers get what they order at a price they can afford, ensuring a large database of returning customers.

If there are any procedures that you don’t understand, phone us and talk to our friendly staff. They are ready and willing to give you all the advice you need. For all your concrete delivery requirements in Perth, contact Midland Mini Crete today.